Our Tools


Business Olympian Group enhances the simulation experience by transforming it into a learning environment in which every participant emerges with personal insights and reflections. Through extensive scientific research, we have developed a unique simulation model based on the psychology of an individual’s different characteristics and behavioural reactions under pressure. This model exposes participants to at least three experiences involving live simulations, team or one-on-one coaching, a training workshop and feedback report.

Your team will benefit highly from this approach, which encourages open discussion about the overall performance of the group. Individuals can also seek real feedback on their performance under pressure.

Additional features of our simulations include:
• Online immersion
• Full media experience
• Real world actors
• Sounds, smells and other pressure points that illicit the reactions and experiences we need to best suit the situation


Battleground is an online platform and mobile app designed for the development, management and simulation of your organisation’s business continuity lifecycle. The platform allows you to develop your Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Plans online, easily capturing the data you need and combining it with contact lists and recovery strategies. Simulations may then be used for testing these plans and your teams through the facilitation of your exercises. In addition, Battleground’s Incident Management feature allows you to create incidents online and manage them through your mobile device with or without data connectivity.

This user friendly, interactive technology is revolutionising the way you access your BCM data, ensuring your teams can efficiently manage any kind of incident on the go.


Our experience with crisis management teams has shown that if equipped with the right resources, the productivity of the team is reatly enhanced. This led to the creation of the BattlePak – a backpack that contains everything you need when a business continuity or crisis management team is activated.

The backpack includes pens, whiteboard markers, notepads, phone charging cables, water bottles, USB memory sticks, space for laptop chargers and other company specific items.

We supply and maintain these for organisations, tailoring their contents to your needs. BattlePaks are kept in all designated crisis management meeting areas so they are readily available, regardless of the situation. The Business Olympian Group ensures that the bag is up to date and in working order by maintaining it every six months or after each use.