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Crisis Management

To ensure your organisation stays on the front foot in the face of a crisis it is essential to react quickly, consistently and effectively.

At Business Olympian Group we help you see Crisis Management from a psychological perspective. Our realistic training exercises measure individual performance, enabling you to identify the right people to respond in a crisis. It is this human element of high performance, coupled with our simple and easy to use Crisis Management documentation that will ultimately determine how your organisation prepares, coordinates, manages and communicates in fast moving situations.

Finding the right people for the task will ensure that your business and its reputation are not only protected, but enhanced in a crisis.

Business Continuity

The ability to manage incidents quickly and effectively requires an understanding of how your business and its assets may be impacted by certain situations. When business interruptions occur, the main goal is to continue and even enhance your organisation’s performance, but in order to do so, the right strategies must be enabled.

Business Olympian Group will guide you through the four key elements of Business Continuity Management; Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and IT Recovery. When implemented together, these four elements ensure consistently high performance
in every situation, not only the tough ones.

Enterprise Risk Management

How do people in your organisation think about risk when making decisions? At Business Olympian we provide high quality, exceptional value, risk management solutions that support better, risk informed strategic and operational decision making. These solutions – tailored to your specific needs and level of organisational risk maturity – include;

  • Risk Management Framework and Process – Design and Implementation
  • Risk Maturity Review
  • Executive and Board Risk Facilitation
  • Risk Appetite and Tolerance – articulation and implementation in organisational decision making
  • Risk Profile – facilitation, development and update in all business contexts e.g. strategic, operational, project, facilities
  • Issues Management – structure and process design and implementation

Risk Culture

Our unique insights into human behaviour will offer your organisation an effective and compliant insight into the psychology of risk and impact of culture on your risk polices and procedures. Our RiskultureX methodology is not a means of understanding how culture impacts staff engagement – it focuses on measuring behaviours that impact the effectiveness of formal risk management mechanisms.  This focus on behaviours/culture is what we call “the third dimension” of risk management.

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Leadership Training

In today’s turbulent world, organisations are facing unprecedented levels of risk. In addition, round-the-clock media demands the utmost transparency and scrutiny. Now, more than ever, the ability to perform consistently under pressure is what makes the difference between a good leader and a great leader. Business Olympian Group’s leadership program is underpinned by our breakthrough model which uses crisis-based simulations to re-enforce the four key elements of successful leadership:
• Resilience – a relentless persistence to push through the toughest situations
• Sustained Appropriate Focus – focusing on the right outcome and refusing to surrender at the first sign of trouble
• Discipline – the ability to make decisions without the luxury of time and information
• Fuel To Continue – a motivation to succeed rather than to avoid failure


When something goes wrong, how you communicate inside your organisation and to the outside world will
make all the difference to your reputation and ultimate recovery. Communication will almost always occur during crisis situations, but many businesses underestimate the importance of communicating correctly. We will help you prepare a coordinated communications approach to implement both internally and externally. This approach, designed by industry leaders in the communications field, focuses on 3 pivotal aspects of crisis communication:
1. Understanding who you need to communicate to
2. Preparing your organisation for the worst case scenario
3. Practicing your response across different modes of communication