Battleground Product Lead

Battleground Product Lead

Battleground Product Lead Our Battleground platform is expanding and we need you to help us during this ‘tech start-up’ phase of our business. Battleground and you will become one as you lead the development, growth and management of the eco-system while being an integral part of the Business Olympian Team. Have you ever wanted to […]

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(Your Title Here) As we expand you will have the opportunity to grow with us. We are a boutique consulting company offering consulting services to primarily top 100 ASX listed companies as well as many government agencies locally and internationally. We focus on both the head and the heart helping companies understand more than just […]

National Retailer

One of Australia’s largest retailers across the outdoor, sports and auto sectors is currently using Battleground to manage their business impact analyses and resilience planning. This is being extended to the mobile application and incident management in late 2020 and through 2021.

Given the large reach of the company, Battleground was selected for their BIAs given the ability to run workshops virtually, quickly and online. Participants leave with a business continuity plan after only a one hour workshop – complete and ready to use.

As the system is rolled out, this will translate to a mobile application with the participant’s plans ready to use.

Electricity Infrastructure Company

A State-wide manager of electricity infrastructure in Australia uses Battleground for all of their business continuity management needs: Business Impact analyses, BCP and crisis plans, incident management and simulations – online and via the Battleground Response Mobile Application.

Using the full potential of Battleground, this client has used the system to manage incidents ranging from the death of a contractor through to cyber security incidents and COVID-19.

The company’s crisis team is initiated via the automatic conference calling where they then follow the checklists provided in the mobile application. All activity logs for the team are captured online in Battleground.

For business continuity, the company’s BIAs are performed in Battleground, with paper-based plans automatically populated after each one – before being translated into an online, app-based version.

Global Co-Working Company

A global co-working company uses Battleground for all of their simulations globally.

Using the Battleground Simulations module, all of the company’s exercises and simulations for security, emergency and crisis management are run online via in-person and virtual meetings. Participants login to Battleground and are delivered all their simulation materials in real-time via their own secure portal and set of inboxes.

Battleground is being extended to include the company’s BCPs, crisis and emergency plans and for use as the company’s incident management system globally.

The system has been used online and in person in the USA, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia and Asia.