Enterprise Risk Management

How do people in your organisation think about risk when making decisions? Effective risk management exists when a healthy risk culture, supported by fit for purpose risk processes, is reflected in people consistently making sound, risk informed decisions.

At Business Olympian we provide high quality, exceptional value, risk management solutions that support better, risk informed strategic and operational decision making. These solutions – tailored to your specific needs and level of organisational risk maturity – include;

  • Risk Culture and Risk Maturity Review
  • Risk Management Framework and Process – Design and Implementation
  • Executive and Board Risk Facilitation
  • Risk Appetite and Tolerance – articulation and implementation in organisational decision making
  • Risk Profile – facilitation, development and update in all business contexts e.g. strategic, operational, project, facilities
  • Issues Management – structure and process design and implementation

Risk Culture

Our unique insights into human behaviour will offer your organisation a valuable insight into the psychology of risk and the impact of culture on your risk polices, procedures and processes.

Too often risk management is focussed almost exclusively on formal systems and compliance based processes. Our RiskultureX methodology balances the focus on behaviours and formal systems by measuring behaviours that impact the effectiveness of risk management mechanisms.  This focus on behaviours/culture is what we call “the third dimension” of risk management.

Risk Process

Ours is a  unique approach that resonates with organisational leaders and teams as it is centred around recognising the relationship between risk culture and process in your organisation.

We have worked with large and small organisations to review, design and implement risk frameworks, appetites and training that meet ISO standards and regulatory guidelines. Importantly, especially for smaller organisations, those solutions are always pragmatic and fit for purpose in reflecting the culture, capability and capacity of your organisation. Our solutions are bespoke – never ‘one size fits all’.

Our approach is underpinned by our Business Olympian Risk Maturity Model which is applied as a critical first step to ensure that the organisational context is fully understood. This model recognises the important distinction between risk maturity at a strategic or enterprise level and maturity at an operational level as it is not uncommon in organisations for these elements to differ. The model is flexible, allowing for tailoring of the assessment criteria to best assess relative strategic and operational maturity in your specific organisation. This allows for effective responses to specific maturity deficits through targeted interventions to lift performance to the desired level. Recognising those differences is crucial in assessing and making recommendations and designing solutions to enhance existing risk frameworks or design new risk frameworks in organisations.

Meet Peter Duffy

Peter is the Director of Enterprise Risk Services at The Business Olympian Group.

Peter creates impact through applying deep experience in relation to risk, assurance and governance to achieve valuable and enduring outcomes that support sound decision making in successful and resilient organisations.

Having developed his expertise, over the past 30 years, in a range of large, complex and diverse private and public sector organisations – most recently leading the Enterprise Risk Function for CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency. He is now applying this broad range of skills and experience, guided by his values based approach, to deliver high quality results for his clients.