COVID-19 Information

To support our clients we have collated a number of data sheets, interesting information and tips for working through this unprecedented event.

Our Whitepaper

Unlocking the secrets of success in a crisis

We conducted qualitative research with members of organisational crisis management teams around how well businesses did when faced with the COVID-19 challenge. The purpose of the research was not to linger over the past but to discover what businesses need to do to continually improve, particularly in terms of their crisis management team’s performance, as they prepare for a future that contains more surprises and uncertainty than anybody imagined just six months ago.

In doing so, we’re looking to provide to the business world some building blocks they can take away and use to create their own vision, and reality, of success.

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Looking after your wellness

RockStar meeting

Hour of Power Sessions

Session 1 (WFH) – General catch up

Session 2 (WFH) – Ergonomics and Exercise

Session 3 (WFH) – Mental Health

Session 4 (WFH) – Psychology and Home

Session 5 (WFH) – Organisational Behaviour

Session 6 (WFH) – Workplace flexibility

Session 7 (WFH) – Customer Focus and Return to Work

Session 8 (RTW) – Return to Office Planning

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