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Business Olympian Battleground Resilience Software

The Battleground Web and Mobile App is a revolutionary technology that allows your teams to efficiently manage any incident on the go.

The system is the next crucial step in your business resilience lifecycle, taking your response plans, activating them and allowing you to manage them in real life, in real time.

Battleground manages your entire resilience lifecycle from business impact analyses through to planning, testing and incident management.


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Battleground is an integrated web and mobile application that enables management of your business continuity, crisis and emergency management and IT disaster recovery processes from one central portal.

Combining over 40 years of experience in consulting, Battleground was born out of our need for a streamlined approach to do our work for our clients and now everyone can benefit.

Key Features

Activation – Easily activate your plans and teams, escalating messages to gather the right people at the right time.

Automated log keeping – every action taken is automatically logged and this running log can be viewed by anyone at any time so everyone can know what is happening.

Escalation – Know who to call and what questions to ask with guided incident assessment and escalation.

Mobile Control Centre – with a user-friendly interface that tracks actions, assigns tasks and manages incidents.

Roles and responsibility – View and interact with checklists that help you know your role and the role of others.

Understand your business – through an online guided business impact analysis integrated in real time with your plans..

BIA and BCP web and mobile application video:

Online Simulations and Exercises explained:

Touchbase Two-Way SMS Messaging video:

Our clients use Battleground in many varied situations

  • Natural disaster
  • Industrial accident
  • Product or service delivery failure
  • Faulty/dangerous goods
  • Widespread health scare
  • Legal product liability, fraud
  • Hostile takeover, industrial action or economic downturn
  • Bad publicity surrounding product, service or key management
  • Political upheaval
  • Supply chain management
  • Alternate sites / facilities
  • Supplier management
  • Workforce planning
  • Loss of Building
  • Weather events
  • Loss of Life
  • Loss of IT infrastructure
  • Equipment failure
  • Accident Management
  • Personal safety
  • Public Relations
  • Industrial Action
  • Daily Checklists
  • Contractor Management
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Transport Outages

Trusted by our clients for their resilience needs

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Battleground is a fully web and mobile based solution. All management of data and system administration are done from any modern web browser. 

The mobile application (Battleground Response) is compatible with iOS and Android and available of the App Stores.

Our pricing is designed around the size of your organisation and the modules chosen. Please get in contact with us to discuss specific pricing for your needs.

Battleground can be used for your BIAs, all of your BCM plan development, management and conducting of testing as well as incident management.

Battleground is a web based application and as such can be used anywhere there is web connectivity. We currently have clients using it around the USA, Asia and Europe.