Battleground Response Mobile App V2

Battleground Response V2 is here. Read below for details of the changes and key functionality.

HOME SCREEN – A new home screen for ease of navigation and control. Get back to home in one touch from within the app.

The home screen icons change based on your application permissions.

Badges on the icons show you quickly how many plans and incident you have.

MY PLANS – The plan list view is consistent with incident view so you only need to learn one layout. 

Collapsible lists enables you to choose your plan quickly and easily.

REPORT AND INITIATE – Crisis Managers can now report and initiate an incident from one screen.

Previously, an incident had to be reported before it could be initiated. Now the Crisis Manager role can do both in one.

All other users can still report an incident which is sent to crisis manager for intitiation.

COMPANY CONTACTS – newly formatted and containing all the fields from within a user profile.

More information available to you when you need it.

MY INCIDENTS – View your incidents with better clarity and information. You can quickly see:

  • when the incident was initiated
  • the total percentage complete of incident tasks
  • the colour of the incident

INCIDENT DETAILS – The incident screen shows you more than ever before:

  • Your role or roles clearly shown at the top
  • percentage completion of your tasks or all tasks based on the filter chosen
  • Collapsible list of tasks for ease of navigation and use
  • Your tasks clearly marked (when all tasks shown, the ‘head’ will not show against tasks not assigned to you)
Tasks more clearly show when they are completed, by who and when.