Battleground Release Notes – April 2021

Below are the enhancements to Battleground for April 2021

The section below details all the enhancements to Battleground which have been released in April. If you have any questions or feedback please let us know. We can walk you through any of these changes if needed.

Click each title to open up the relevant section:

We have enhanced the relocation section of the Workplace strategies to enable you to specify staff movement over time for one or more locations. Previously this was a 1:many relationship where staff movement could only be entered once, with multiple locations possible. This change makes this a many:many relationship.

The implication of this is that where you have one set of movements over time, allocated to many locations, this migration will add these movements over time to each location so, your number of people moving numbers may be increased falsely. It is advised to clean up these numbers to reflect the reality of movements between sites.

These changes require updates the word document BCPs with updated ‘codes’. If this is not done prior to the migration, the BCPs will not print out this section of the data. If Brook hasn’t spoken to you about this please reach out to him. You can also see the updated codes here.


to:  and

We have added the ability to import a list of users and flag those you want to delete.

Follow the instructions on the User Import page to download the template and add ‘delete’ to the last column in the CSV file for users you want removed.

If you don’t have User Import permissions and would like this added please let us know.

When you clone a BIA, Plan or Simulation, the system will notify you when this is completed via the  in the top right hand corner of the web app.

Cloning can be done from the BIA, Plan and Simulation list (or inside the BIA or Plan).

When you ‘Generate Report’ from one or many BIAs the system processes this in the background.

You will be notified via the   when your report is ready. Clicking on the  will enable you to download the report. The link to the report remains there until you clear it.

Clicking the Bell Icon will give you updates on the status of your report generation. Use the refresh icon to update status numbers.

You can now include multiple BIAs into one Word BCP document – and choose the name of the download.

Tick the BIAs you want to print and click the “generate report” button from the BIA List

Change the default filename from “Group BIA” (if you want), optionally amend the BIA list, choose the report template and “Generate Report”: 

There is now the ability to drag and drop sort the table of people in the BIA to reflect how you would like these shown in the reports and BCP print-outs.

There is the ability to add a ‘dependency type’ to internal dependencies in the BIA.

This field can be configured for the organisation or types can be added during the BIA itself.

 and inside the BIA: 

If you want to highlight that a configuration item is no longer active, change its status to ARCHIVED and this will be appended to the end of the item so it is easy to see in reports and online. Changing it back to ACTIVE will reverse this.

A new button:  is now shown under the Key Processes list in the BIA. Use this button to copy or move one or many processes to a different BIA. This is particularly useful to split BIAs up between multiple others during restructures.

You can now copy one or more IT Applications and/or Dependencies to other processes in the same BIA. Previously you had to copy all at once, now you can choose the ones you want to copy.

Touchbase messages can now be deleted. 

Select the messages(s) to delete and press the DELETE button above the table.

In the Column Chooser of tables, you can see add who the item was created by (and when)

We have been working on updating fonts, colours and information boxes for easier navigation and user experience. We hope you like the changes 😊.