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Consistent performance is a fundamental aspect of every organisation’s operation. Rather than looking at traditional models of Business Continuity, the Business Olympian Group targets the bigger picture, applying classic performance psychology principles to identify the best people and processes to implement your organisation’s response plan.

We have identified the secrets used by athletes to attain their full potential and to achieve and maintain the greatness they have trained so hard for. Our methodology succinctly adapts these secrets into powerful tools for mastering the areas of crisis, continuity, emergency, leadership and communication during fast-moving environments. We see this evidence based understanding of human behaviour as key to
ensuring that your organisation maintains its high performance consistently, both in crisis situations and business-as-usual operations.

This unique methodology has been successfully applied to some of Australia’s largest and most complex organisations across varied industries, including financial services, construction, insurance, government services and retail.


The team is led by Craig Goldberg and Gavin Freeman, both experts in their fields, both committed to innovation and successful outcomes for their clients.

Craig is responsible for several global innovations in business continuity and resilience, using his expertise to develop tailored solutions for organisations of all sizes across a range of industries. Gavin’s background in psychology allows him to bring unique insights into human behaviour. He has applied his knowledge to the corporate and sporting worlds, helping individuals and organisations achieve a high performing culture.

The team extends to a wider panel of experts on specific subject matter, each with their
own set of skills and expertise that can be utilised in any situation.

Achieve greater capability and confidence in your organisation.

High performing organisations understand their risk.

Craig and Gavin identify your organisation’s risk and performance barriers, delivering tailored solutions to ensure consistent peak performance.


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