Keep your eye on the PRISE

We are well and truly entrenched in a COVID world. Our lives, livelihoods and businesses have changed. We have re-evaluated our values and are living daily by numbers, updates and stories. But some things should never change in your organisation’s ability to respond to any disaster that happens.

When COVID hit, most organisations responded by changing to a working from home environment – sometimes activating business continuity plans, sometimes times just using common sense and other times managing this through crisis or incident management. When the dust settled and everyone patted themselves on the back, th thought that anything else could go wrong seemed foreign and distant. So why would we need to continue planning for disasters or putting plans in place – we are surviving COVID-19!

This attitude is dangerous and takes your eye off the PRISE.

PRISE in the Business Olympian way of thinking about things that can go wrong – People, Reputation, IT, Sites, External Parties. If COVID-19 is about loss of Site – then what about the other elements of PRISE. They too can go wrong and you need to be prepared.

Each month we hold a client community of practice webinar. It is a time for us all to share updates, ask questions and discuss situations together in a collaborative forum. A trend this month was around the risks of becoming complacent with planning for the non-S disasters.

What if IT goes down when everyone is working at home?

What if a keey supplier goes out of business during COVID?

What if a large scale reputational event happens when we are not all around a table, in the same room to deal with it?

All these questions compound the idea that planning for business continuity events and crises cannot stop, even when the organisation is in the middle of a pandemic.

As we continue our journey of change with new ways of working and new company norms, don’t forget to keep your eye on the whole PRISE!

Get in contact to learn more about our online tool set that can streamline the work to keep you preapred – Business Olympian Battleground – and to learn about how we can assist you through your BCM journey now and into 2021.