2018 Thought Leadership

All good things come in series: Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, even Banksy’s Girls. This year’s series of Thought Leadership is no exception, except instead of punctuating an era with iconic artwork, 2018 is overwhelmingly about data and reputation. This series is about sharing News and Views on these unavoidable topics. It’s part insight, part foresight (and sometimes a little bit of hindsight). In an age where data is king, and at a time when reputation is like a precariously placed Jenga tower, business continuity and crisis management are cornerstones of good business. The foundational role of strong leadership and communications has also never been more imperative.

At present, data and reputation act like currency in and of themselves. The value of these commodities is often non-prescriptive and non-formulaic – much like the value placed in a prized piece of art. This means that new approaches are required to pivot around these increasingly prized company resources. The Business Olympian seeks to keep you informed and aware on these topics, heightening your perception to market place trends, and pointing out gaps that may require management within your business. We will be doing this via stories; we believe stories are just data with soul, and what better way to synchronise with the current climate than adopting our version of a data approach. Our stories are always centred on the 3 Ps: people, processes and performance.

In this series – to be published over the next 12 months, Business Olympian is taking a deeper dive to call out assumptions and ask the bigger ‘why’ questions. As we know, there’s a danger in assuming what’s happening at the surface level is all there is to it: remember Titanic, and icebergs in general.

The importance of including a greater margin for risk management in both the short term and long term is exponentially becoming the reality of 2018, and beyond. Follow along with us to find out if you’re picking up the clues in the market place along the way.


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