Technology in BCM – worth it?

This week I have been immersed in a client’s data, transferring it from manual Excel based BIAs and Word based BCPs into their new BCM cloud-based tool. It is one of the first times I have been truly immersed in a system from start to finish, including all the data entry and system customisations.

So, what is the big deal? This is what I have always thought about BCM technology tools. But, this week has taught me a few important things;

1. Real Time Data – access to real time summaries of data and reporting is awesome. With excel we always had to develop macros or external reporting tools to do what a cloud-based system can do in seconds – I love it!

2. Customise on the fly – As I was entering data and understanding what the client’s information was telling me, I was able to customise and update the system with new terms, time periods and criticality ratings which flowed through to all the different screens and areas. In Excel this would always be avoided as you would need to update it umpteen times in umpteen sheets – I love it!

3. Innovate together – I have always been a passionate innovator in the BCM space. I like to think that my BIAs and BCPs are pretty cool. But, in a cloud based environment, with a specialist tool, the possibilities are endless and any idea can truly be turned into reality. It took me back to my Bamboo days but now doing BCM end-end – I love it!

This week is only the beginning and I am sure as I get to know the toolkit more and work with the developers further I will come to love more and more of the possibilities. I am an advocate of a good BCM tool, the key is to find the right one and this is where I believe my hesitation has always been. Until now tools have always been cumbersome and inflexible but, the new generation of cloud-based tools have turned the corner and I am confident in their future – just don’t dive in blind. Do your research, get up close and personal with the tool prior to purchasing and make sure it fits with your business style and culture.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the possibilities!!!

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