Phoenix Simulations & Continuum Consulting – a natural extension.

Thanks to everyone who has sent comments and feedback about Phoenix Simulations… I must clarify (for those who are confused) where Phoenix fits as an extension of Continuum Consulting.

When I started Continuum Consulting, I knew that I wanted to offer BCM and Crisis Management services that were different to anything available today. It has always bothered me that a number of very valuable crisis management services were becoming commodities and I wanted to try and change this.

I approach Gavin Freeman from The Business Olympian – a high performing team coach – with an idea. Within simulations I often saw really great leaders and managers not reacting how I expected and I wanted to be able to offer a service whereby I could give greater insights into their performance to help them learn, grow and develop. Take a CEO, for example, who could not understand why they may not be the best Crisis Leader. I felt that if we could apply a scientific, psychological assessment angle to the exercise, we could present evidence of performance excellence and flaws.

We soon realised that outside of Emergency Services and the Armed Forces there were not a lot of scientific tools for measuring performance under pressure during a crisis so, we built it, and this is Phoenix Simulations!

Gavin and I have formed a Joint Venture to take this to market. We have proven its value at 2 pilot clients (who have extended their contracts 🙂 ) and are now working with a number of other clients to roll it out within their testing and simulation curriculum.

When you undertake a Phoenix Simulation, you expose key players to at least 3 instances of learning and development – Initiate, Streamline, Update, Uplift and Enhance (participants will be involved in some or all of these steps) – within a few weeks so that they cement the ideas and coaching into their normal behaviour. Gavin brings the Psychology angle, I bring the crisis management angle and together we coach and enhance individual and team performance.

We do not believe that crisis simulations need to be monotonous and a once off 4 hour ordeal. We believe they can be fun, exciting and value adding – leaving participants with a sense of achievement and personal enhancement with the goal of making them more resilient.

Please contact myself or Gavin to find out more via our website or call/email us directly.

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